Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

Hi guys!! I'm not ignoring you, just having a little trouBle with my blog!  This is the first time I am able to post something since August!  Don't know exactly what is going on.  I will try to post pictures sometime today!  I know your anxious!!  :-)). Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

WoW!!!! One week of summer left!  YIKES!!!!!  I cannot believe it!!  I'm sad and so excited at the same time.  I always look forward to starting a new year with a fresh new batch of students and a rejuvenated outlook.  I will miss my friends from last year, so if you are reading this, I miss you but will see you again....soon!!   :-))

Sad news ALERT........ Jerry passed away over the summer.  :-(  My family was very sad.  We will all miss him.  Tom is sad too.  Tom will be coming back to school alone.  He is ready to make new friends and to get out of his cage to be held by some new people.  

I can't wait until you see your new classroom.  We will have so much fun learning in 3rd grade this year.  Enjoy this last week of summer!    I might give you a peek of some of the things in our classroom, so keep checking back!

See you on September 3rd!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 Hello my friends!  I have a slew of pictures that I just downloaded.  Sorry for the wait.

 We visited the Adventure Aquarium and had a WondErful time!  

Our friend here taught us about some different types
of animals.  This one here is a Komodo Dragon

Avery holding a horseshoe crab.....Alive!

Love Penguin Island!

The coolest fish mobile hanging in the rotundra

My girlfriends who hung our with me.
Maddie looks a little frightened....

The fish were soooo colorful!

Up close and personal with a turtle

We were touching the stingrays as they
passed by.  They were slippery and slimy


Getting ready to view the  4D movie

A little bit of posing....

Look at these beautiful starfish

All sorts of colorful fish!

The Touch Tank

What a GreAt day at the aquarium!!

Field Day 2014!!

Go Aidan Go!!

Chris is keeping up!!

The chopstick race

Add caption

Strike a pose!!

Add caption

Showing Mrs. Menold some LoVe!!

The Pancake Flip Race

And so, the end of 3rd grade is near.....
Time to clean up our space.....
Its a sad, sad week.....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Finals are down, cleaning is done, now what to do???
Well, today I challenged the kids.  I gave each person a piece of construction paper and ask them to make the longest link chain they could possibly make.  They had 15 minutes to cut and another 15 minutes to put together.  It is amazing how their minds work.  
Some thought the littlier the piece of paper, the longer the chain would be.  They soon found that that was not the way to go!!  Long and thin was the answer, and some got it!!
Here are the results.....

Anna was in the top 3!  Nice work Anna!

Kyra was our top winner!!  Hooray!!